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We wear a lot of hats! Besides being fashionable, we also provide a wide range of services to our clients, whether they be independent businesses or other agencies outsourcing projects.

It's hard to have this conversation without geeking out (Trevor is the worst offender here), so we have put together a handy guide to our technobabble. You may want to read that first.

Web Development

We remember fondly a bygone time when the Internet transmitted information from building to building on college and corporate campuses. There were no interfaces for easily creating website content, only pimple-faced computer jocks strung out on Mountain Dew. As Internet technology evolved during the '90s we jumped aboard with the growing number of very cool people changing the digital landscape. In other words we've been doing this type of work for a very long time. 

In our years we've seen trends come and go, but our philosophy has remained consistent: as an organization's No. 1 marketing and communication vehicle, a good website is never considered done. There's always content to manage, changes in user preference and advancements in technology to take into account. The second a site is done, it is outdated. But there's no reason to be discouraged. We try to employ technologies that allow us to easily adapt sites over time so rather than a sunk cost, websites become solid investments for many future years. 

We felt so strongly, we built our own content management framework to support the fact that a good website constant moves forward. Read about ignite.

Our Technologies

The technologies we nearly always employ to ensure our sites are on the edge of cutting edge are PHP, MySQL, CSS, jQuery, AJAX, and sometimes APIs (we can also do other technologies like Flash, contact us to chat). What are these things and how do they work together to build unique and wonderful user-focused websites? Read More

Stuff we build

  • Websites
  • API integrations
  • Map-based store locators
  • Customer portal or user areas
  • Intranets
  • Custom search tools
  • Web applications
  • Tradeshow presentations

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