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Our Team

Trevor Lettman

Lead Application Developer / Partner

TrevorTrevor Lettman has been working with web technology since 56k modems were considered high-speed internet. Allured by the chaos of competing technologies, he began building websites and Flash applications in the late 90s. After years of working as a freelancer + a three-year stint as lead developer for Polymer Studios, Trevor founded Space2Burn in 2004 as a shared hosting company. In 2006 he began building PHP/MySQL driven sites, creating a development framework that  would eventually become ignitr. When not solving conundrums, Trevor can be found spending time with his family, on a bike, or off a bike.

Andrea Lane

Lead Designer and Site Architect / Partner

AndreaAndrea Lane has worked as a web designer/developer in and around Minneapolis and Melbourne since 2002. She more recently has turned her attention away from nerding out in code to designing web sites full time. An Australian ex-patriot, Andrea is completing an Associate Degree in graphic design from Minneapolis Community and Technical College. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion from Deakin University in Burwood, Victoria, and has a background in public health promotion, customer service and client support. When not working Andrea can most likely be found playing with her children, walking her dogs, riding her bike, or enjoying a glass of wine while cooking delicious meals for her family.

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