Responsive Web Applications Built In The USA

Process and Communication


Timeline Creation

  • A timeline ensures key dates are outlined to keep projects on track towards completion
  • Once a date for delivery has been agreed upon, deadlines will be added to BaseCamp, a 
web-based project management tool that helps contain the project conversation 


  • Space2Burn uses research and documentation to determine the best long-term tools to use and the right users are reached with marketing messages
  • A website is any modern organization’s primary marketing and communication tool
  • Space2Burn surveys similar sites and provides a review of industry standards
  • The evaluation of targeted user groups’ needs is critical in web development and design
  • An elegant, user-friendly experience is not possible without administration tools required 
to update and maintain your website 


  • In order to refine site architecture to plan for completion, Space2Burn diagrams user flow and shows how website pages relate to one another
  • Our rapid development framework powers each page using a series of plug-and-play components that control different aspects of a website
  • Using these stock or custom components, we enable users to create and manage content 

Creative Brief

Space2Burn, in collaboration with the client, produces documentation regarding the outline or objective of the project to help develop creative deliverables



  • Moodboards are collages with images, colors, typefaces, textures and other visual elements
  • Designers and staff use moodboards to help guide design concepts and to communicate to other members of the project while saving time and confusion
  • Creating a final moodboard defines the site’s mood and provides direction for design


  • Wireframes are blueprints to describe the general location for site content and page elements for each page template
  • Wireframe layouts are created for the homepage, subpages and supplemental pages to organize content in a distinct manner
  • Wireframes are not design, their function is to facilitate discussions of functionality independent of design 

Design Templates 

  • After a moodboard determines artwork direction and wireframes provide the structure, pages are designed to support your brand 


  • Space2Burn creates assets from the design that will be used in the website development process


Determine Database Architecture

  • A database-driven website, which also stores and presents data, is only effective if it considers current and future needs
  • Space2Burn will help you create a flexible database architecture that evolves with your organization 

Php/Css Page Construction

  • Templates are built on Space2Burn’s staging site and prepared for inputting content

Custom Programming

  • Most projects require an amount of custom programming for custom and modified engines and front end widgets

Quality Assurance

  • Space2Burn tests the site and troubleshoots system bugs
  • Consistent performance is guaranteed to 95 percent based on current browser usage


  • Upon client approval Space2Burn moves client files from the staging to production environment and works with you to make the necessary DNS modifications to make the site go live


  • Your Project Owner is the single contact for Space2Burn
  • The Owner coordinates communication, approval and other launch-related activities
  • The Owner should have internal institutional knowledge
  • Space2Burn works with the Owner to define tasks, finalize a timeline and provide 
necessary training to other staff members using Space2Burn administration tools
  • BaseCamp is an online project management system that acts as Space2Burn’s primary 
communication vehicle
  • BaseCamp allows Space2Burn to contain file exchanges and communication, define 
milestones and assign tasks
  • Routine phone check-ins between the Project Owner and Space2Burn project manager is 
customary to assure tasks and milestones are on track

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