Responsive Web Applications Built In The USA



Typekit provides clients with a huge library of fonts to be used within websites. Their ever-growing collection of fonts can be integrated into hand-coded sites as well as sites built on hosted platforms. A subscription with Typekit gives customers font flexibility and reliable presentation of high-quality fonts. 



With online purchases increasing in frequency and conveniency for customers all the time, it can be very important to incorporate an electronic payment system in a business’s website. To remove the complication of trying to connect a website’s payment application to credit card networks, the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway provides merchants with a secure online interface for managing transactions and account information 24/7.



Vimeo is a video hosting and sharing service that helps users manage their videos in an organized and easily accessible environment. Not only does Vimeo allow people to upload, store, and showcase high definition videos, but it provides users with the ability to easily embed videos in their website and allows the controlled distribution of videos through a number of platforms.



MailChimp allows customers to design and send email newsletters. In addition to providing custom and pre-built templates, MailChimp generates reports to help users track results of their email campaigns. Campaigns can be automated, sent out to specific groups, and even shared through social networks.



Social media is a great way to gain publicity for your business. Facebook offers networking with other people and businesses, as well as a platform through which to advertise products, special promotions, and provide business updates. Your business’s public Facebook page can gain followers, which will enhance your overall web presence.



Twitter allows you to share short, to-the-point text posts and links. “Tweets” are brief, easy to read, and can be accessed by a large audience. Tell people what you’re up to and promote your business and its accomplishments.



AddThis gives users an easy way to bookmark and share websites, blogs, and embedded content. They also offer analytics services that allow you to monitor the sharing of your content, including what is being shared, how it is being shared, and who is sharing it.



ShareThis provides websites with a custom set of buttons that allow viewers to easily share your website through a variety of platforms. Share webpage content on social media sites, through instant messengers, and by email.



Basecamp helps you organize and manage your business’s projects. It facilitates easy communication between you and your clients and keeps everyone involved updated on the status of each task associated with a project. Basecamp safely stores current projects and archives completed projects.



FreshBooks offers cloud accounting for small businesses. Data is backed up in a secure cloud so it can be accessed anywhere, from a variety of devices. Freshbooks allows you to send invoices to clients, record business expenses, and track time spent working on specific projects.


Cross Browser Testing

Because websites might not function the same way in every web browser, Cross Browser testing helps you make sure the features of your site work consistently when accessed from different browsers. They offer live testing, which offers users the ability to view and use their website from hundreds of combinations of operating systems and web browsers in order to reveal technical bugs.


Salsa Labs

Salsa provides services for nonprofit organizations to fundraise for their cause and organize their community of followers. It allows you to share information, communicate with large groups of supporters and media, create online donation pages.


Network Solutions

Network Solutions specializes in web hosting services and domain name purchasing and registration. They also offer basic website design and host websites created for mobile devices, as well as online stores.



Bigcommerce provides ecommerce solutions for websites that include an online store. They help you utilize secure shopping carts, email accounts, product catalogs, and online payments. Bigcommerce also provides analytics tools to help users monitor revenue, store visitors, and order statistics.



OrangeSoda helps increase your website’s foot traffic by utilizing Search Engine Optimization tools. They not only assist customers in getting their website displayed on the first results page of popular search engines, but also offer Pay-Per-Click services that display your website as a sponsored link when a search is performed.


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