• Western Spirit Cycling Adventures
    A web application for scheduling cycling adventures in the wild west, simple usability masks complex data management.
  • The Ski Monster
    The Ski Monster uses our ignite ecommerce solution to bring quality skis, snowboards, and accessories to the masses.
  • Over the Edge Sports
    The One and Only! The bike shop that put Fruita, CO on the map: great folks, sweet trails, a mountainbiking mecca.
  • Hot Tomato Cafe
    Anne Keller and Jen Zeuner set up shop in the small town of Fruita, CO... and created the world's coolest pizza joint.
  • Cars-R-Coffins
    It's no mistake that Minneapolis is the #1 bike city in the USA... now go get yer CRC gear from Twin Six!
  • Flanders Bros
    Even though the Flanders Bros are an old favorite for many Minnesota bike racers, their site needed to look new again.
  • Zombie Boardshop
    It's hip to be square, but Zombie still needed a web site. We worked with them to create a powerful site on a budget.
  • PMI (Precision Models, Inc.)
    Model builder Joe Roth needed a site that showed off his work - we built a custom web app to navigate Gallery images.
  • John Tillman, Inc.
    Tillman need a site as tough as their products. We built them custom apps to provide information to their dealers.
  • Fundacion Comunidad
    A great nonprofit gets a make-over. Sites on the ignite platform can be reskinned quickly to save time and money.

Minneapolis Web Design and Application Development


Drag-drop photo galleries now available

Posted September 6, 2013 @ 12:47pm by Jon

Drag-drop photo galleries now available After requests from several clients to improve the speed at which images can be added to photo galleries whereever they exist, we spent the week implementing some really cool new tools. Rather than uploading images one-at-a-time, you are now able to add immages en masse in two different ways.Drag and DropThat's right, simply drag up to 10 images directly from a desktop or folder into the drop zone and your image will be added to the gallery.Select ImagesIf... Read More



A Thoroughfare: Online and On the Street

Posted August 7, 2013 @ 11:33am by Intern Kevin

A Thoroughfare: Online and On the Street Bikeways for Everyone breathes liberation from congested roads. It's a community-based project to ensure the safety of cyclists while advocating the implementation of protected bike lanes. Less than one year old, the campaign already garners a fair amount of buzz across the cities. It's a force in a crowded community of local proposals, bringing attention to content that's inventive and shareable.We've partnered with Bikeways to build a deceptively modern website that... Read More



ignitr CMS


Our web sites are built on our very own framework called ignitr. You could think of it a CMS, but it is so much more than that... ignitr allows us to not only create unique sites quickly and affordably, but also to build and implement custom applications to serve any need.

Learn more or request a quote.

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