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Longfellow Business Association

Hey neighbors, let’s keep it local

LBA Special: Longfellow Business Association member deal
Free consultations and $100 free credit toward select services

We love the neighborhood as much as we love working with new people. That’s why we’re excited to combine our loves in a way we hope supports local business. As Longfellow Business Association members, we believe when local businesses work together, stronger communities are possible. We just need to find a way to make it work. A free consultation and some credit to get started on a project seems like a neighborly way to begin.


Free, commitmentless consultations

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People we work with usually have good ideas. They sometimes need a little help sorting them out. Other people can sort things out, but need some ideas. We can help both kind of person and a bunch of others too. Here’s what we can do:

Building and rebuilding websites with content anyone can manage.

Time and time again, we see outdated websites that do more harm to a business than good. Websites most often become dated because it’s difficult or expensive to manage content. We got a framework for making it easy without having to spend lots of money … surprisingly little sometimes. Contact us to talk with Trevor, the web guy.

Creative design services

So yes, we mostly design websites … really pretty websites. Check out our portfolio! But we also can put together logos, business cards, brochures, forms, signage and pretty much anything else worth designing. Contact us to talk with Andrea, the artist.

Anything else related to the Internet and marketing

Social media, search engine optimization, online ad campaigns, surveys, analytics research, website hosting, email, project planning, implementation, workflow prioritzation, … anything really. We partner with lots of services and other businesses to simplify the unnecessarily complex world that has become new media. Contact us to talk with Jon, the kitchen sink.


Longfellow rules!

If you’re just walking past and the lights are on, feel free to pop in to introduce yourself, too: 4145 Minnehaha Ave.

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