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Who is Peter Kidd?

Posted January 23, 2012 @ 3:08pm | by

Who is Peter Kidd?

Peter Kidd, the person, is an old-school skier from the New England steeps. Starting in the 1970s, he took his passion for outdoor recreation to the people and became one of the most well known ski industry vendor reps on the East Coast. More recently he expanded his product lines to include cycling and running stuff too. So what’s a man with lots of success to do? The answer for Peter Kidd, the person, was to grow.

Peter Kidd, the agency, is a handful of people Peter picked to help him build relationships between product vendors and the ski shops, bike shops and running stores that sell their equipment. Residing in such romantic locations as East Sandwich, Mass., and Morrisville, Vt., the Peter Kidd team represents some big names in outdoor recreation: Elan, Dal Bello and Scott top the list.

We were given an interesting creative problem and killed it. Peter Kidd, the person, built his business by being a great guy who earned the respect and satisfaction of his customer base. In short people trust Peter because he always comes through when help is needed. His business is to create relationships with people more than compile a customer base. When we were tasked to create a website for Peter Kidd, the agency, we relied on that belief to re-imagine

The site is about people as much as it is about product. We hope it becomes a hub for the PK agency’s customers to find and comment on the latest product information, innovations and more. A blog and social network tie-ins help in that regard. We also built a new tool that allows PK site administrators to create a user area with permission-based content. The agency can upload pricelists and other sensitive info and restrict access to different user groups. Now that the tool is built, we’d love to plug others into this great new functionality — contact us if you would like some information on setting up a user area.

P.S. A big shout out to our very good friends at for putting us in touch with Peter. If you need boards on which to stand or any related merchandise, check there first. If you don't see it, chances are good they can still help: contact a brofessional!


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