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The Flares overhaul you probably didn't notice

Posted January 20, 2012 @ 1:36pm | by

The Flares overhaul you probably didn't notice

Over the past four days Trevor has been knocking his head against a palm to update the ignite Flares engine many of you use to post and schedule news, events and other dynamic lists of stuff. Today we launched the update and you probably didn’t even know given the nature of the change.

When we set up a new type of Flare, it needs to be configured so posts list correctly, buttons display correctly, uploaded images are sized correctly and a few dozen other reasons. Because we have been building on Flares substantially during the past two years, configuration files lacked the detailed structure shared by other engines. While they functioned very well, they were inelegant and due for a thorough makeover.

Thanks to the ignite cloud application, we were able to successfully roll out the changes to everyone who uses the system at no cost to anyone. We’ve diligently checked everyone’s Flares to make sure noticeable bugs were squashed, but if you see any weirdness, contact us ASAP and we’ll look into it.

Here are some of our favorite usages of Flares:


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