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Recent Launches and ignite Improvements

Posted September 1, 2010 @ 3:12pm | by

As summer winds down, business has been speeding up. This month, Space2Burn launched four sites for friends who focus their energies on fitness, recreation, arts and entertainment. We’ve discovered a growing number of our clients fall within these general industries, and we think it’s for two reasons. The tools in ignite are perfect for these types of application, and people are telling other people that we understand how to help create easy-to-use, self-managed websites. We thank those people immensely.

Church of 2 Wheels
The church is calling for new parishioners. Get on a bike and ride it. Church of 2 Wheels is Chris Zito’s brain child and promises to be a place were urban cyclists can read about the exploits of their pedal-pushing brethren and sisthren. Scope out Riders of the Day, buy some things or contact the church for a tour of a city you’d like to visit by bike so long as that city is Minneapolis or St. Paul. New cities will be added as the church grows, so spread the good word.


Empower Fitness Events

empower fitness
Empower is a Weekend Fitness Celebration, power packed with the industry’s top presenters delivering amazing fitness workshops, lectures and master classes packed with fun, movement and education. Brought to life by Global Fitness Solutions, there’s one more event this year where you can be empowered, and there will be more next year in locations around the country. In building the site, we added two new ignite engines, a new event scheduler that allows administrators to build a complete event agenda, and a content management tool called Sparks. Sparks are small snippets of editable content placed throughout a site. At, we’ve planted sparks on the homepage under “What others are saying” and “Photo Gallery.”


Our good friend and uniquely skilled bike suspension and disc brake specialist B Rose had a problem and we had a solution. As an astute observer of and commenter on the ever-changing bicycle industry — and sometimes culture — B Rose has a small band of loyal blog followers, which equates to regular site traffic. Ever the entrepreneur, B Rose explored monetizing the traffic with advertising network-generated revenue. Because his control over ads that appeared was vastly limited, he wanted an effective way to display ads on his website that he sold and approved. The ignite AdServer was born and was rebirthed. The AdServer allows you to upload images and text to create a list of sponsors. You set the price, you sell the ad, you schedule it to post at your site, you make money.


“This is Grace”

this is
When Dutch documentarian Babette Wielenga needed a simple site to showcase a trailer for her short work, we knew we could do something quickly and within a documentarian’s budget. The opportunity afforded us some time to tinker with video hosting service VIMEO to understand specifically how we can use it to fulfill our clients’ needs. If clients choose to display video content within their website, VIMEO’s reliable stream and API allow us to add wonderful and non-pedestrian video to any website.

Contact us to learn more about ignite and its growing number of plug-inable engines.


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