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New blog feature allows commenting on posts

Posted September 13, 2011 @ 3:34pm | by

New blog feature allows commenting on posts

Many of our clients are active bloggers, but some of them eat it up: Chris Freytag, our bros. at and our newest man of many words, Hurl at Cars-R-Coffins.

In my last post, I answered a few questions for people thinking about starting a blog, which I insist is the cleverest way to convince people you’re an expert at something. But it doesn’t stop there: A good blog can spawn a discussion with current and potential clients. It can also facilitate a discussion between clients. At the patient urging of our dedicated bloggers, we explored some options for allowing that depth of engagement and found Disqus is a free service that allows your favorite folks to comment on posts and lets you to moderate the discussion. In addition some of the coolest features provide tools for peoples to share comments in the social networks, it’s compatible with mobile sites and has a slick notification system so site owners are always kept in the loop.

To see how it works, scroll down and add a comment or reply someone else’s comment. Feel free to post questions … and to the best of my ability, I’ll post an answer. Or if someone else can answer first, go for it. And as always, feel free to suggest topics for future blog posts.

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