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A modest budget, an exceptional outcome

Posted July 5, 2012 @ 12:08pm | by Intern Kevin

A modest budget, an exceptional outcome

Those familiar with the Midtown Greenway Coalition understand its work to enhance and protect areas designated for cycling and walking in south Minneapolis. A recent project better highlights these endeavors and lifts the Midtown Greenway into the modern era. By combining a modest improvement budget with volunteer efforts, the Greenway can project new ideas and fuse its diverse community through a new site.

The Midtown Greenway came to Space2Burn with an idea, an idea to improve the look of their website and ultimately the look of their Coalition. They had but one concern — price. The budget was limited and time scarce, but not beyond our capacity. Because we admire coalition’s work and rely on its efforts for cross-town convenience, we volunteered a substantial amount of time to see the project to fruition. We also found opportunities to use other people’s volunteer skills to complete the project.  The new buzzword is micro-volunteering.

The task began with the new face of the Midtown Greenway.  In recognizing the stylistic qualities of the old site, work began on the new one.  Space2Burn toned down the existing color palette but unified its essential colors so that the transition between sites was seamless. By streamlining the appearance and toning down the palette, the site highlights the Greenway’s remarkable non-profit work.

An improved navigation reorganized the Greenway’s categorical posts and news updates. By reducing the number of clicks required to navigate the website, the Coalition now provides user-friendly means to new information.

We used the flexibility of our ignite framework to streamline production and save cost. The ignite framework also allowed for smooth content management, especially for the reason that the Greenway already provided a substantial inventory of text resources and images. While noting preexisting elements, Space2Burn provided a personable solution to the launch of the new website.

Communication is vital to client engagement (particularly in a small nonprofit and for-profit businesses). By simplifying the process of communication with Midtown Greenway representatives, the website was established in an opportune manner. Personal phone calls and individual meetings facilitated the update of content while at the same time addressing the concerns and aspirations of the Coalition. The site provides an appropriate silhouette of ignite integration and executes the mission of the Midtown Greenway.

The foundation of this relationship both accelerated and enhanced the outcome of the project — Space2Burn looks forward to fresh opportunities to support the cause of constructive and innovative businesses such as the Midtown Greenway Coalition.


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