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Introducing OrangeSoda for Localized SEO

Posted March 21, 2013 @ 5:20pm | by

Introducing OrangeSoda for Localized SEO

Search Engine Marketing can be a difficult concept to get a mind around. It’s good to know there are services to help navigate the complexities of online marketing. One such service is OrangeSoda, and we’ve partnered with them to improve peoples’ page rank primarily through localized and targeted Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization is a set of strategies to build credibility for your website over time and helps people easily find your site on the first page of google, yahoo and bing search. This can increase views to your website and really help your business’s web presence flourish. In addition to SEO services that present your site in a search engine's organic results, OrangeSoda allows us to offer a Pay-Per-Click product that displays your site as a sponsored link on search engine results pages. PPC can put your website on the first page of a major search engine’s results right away.

OrangeSoda is a subscription-based service that works side by side with ignitr to take all the complicated components out of SEO, PPC, web development, and general points of possible confusion. Essentially, it does the work for you and features clear progress reports, mobile targeting, Search Engine Optimization, and the latest integrated methods in marketing. Incorporating tags, strategic titles, and keywords in your website content allows OrangeSoda to help make sure your website gets noticed by people seeking out services that your business provides. Included within the SEO component is Maps optimization, which targets business listings like Google+ Local. OrangeSoda’s optimization capabilities combined with the design power of ignitr will set your website apart from the rest.

OrangeSoda prides themselves on high-quality projects (just like us) and strives for a first page ranking for at least one of your specified keywords. Actively promote your business with us and with hundreds of other sites through OrangeSoda. If you’re interested in these great services, contact us and we’ll set up something that works for you, your buisniess and your website.

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