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Introducing ignite: Our Development Framework and CMS

Posted September 1, 2010 @ 1:17pm | by

Over the last 12 months Space2Burn clients have seen our content management framework, ignite, undergo a marvelous transformation. Only a year ago, ignite was a self-contained tool that required a separate installation for each new client. While the system worked well enough, no efficiencies were gained when technological advances spawned system improvements. In other words clients couldn’t readily experience the benefits of an ignite enhancement without a fresh installation of the latest version for every client.

Up, Up and Away

Benefits of cloud applications

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • More efficient
  • More convenient
  • Frequently updated
  • Always current

To eliminate redundancy, improve efficiency and roll out enhancements to all clients as they are implemented, we reinvented the ignite framework. It’s now on the “cloud.” That doesn’t mean it’s died and gone to heaven, nor that it’s floating around in an inaccessible place. Cloud applications, unlike other applications, generally allow people to use their functionality via the World Wide Web at anytime or anyplace, provided there is an Internet connection. The lack of a physical space in which an application resides puts the application on a figurative “cloud,” hence the name. Facebook, online banking and eBay all are, or rely on, cloud applications to function.

Benefits of the ignite cloud application

Aside from keeping client sites up to date with the current technology, the cloud application model has dozens of benefits. With more sites using the same system, bugs are recognized far more quickly. As soon as we build a new ignite feature or implement a new tool, all clients on the cloud application have access to it. Normally there’s minimal time required to plug new features into other sites on cloud, which makes improvements far more cost effective. Most importantly the cloud allows something entirely new, socialized web development.

Socialized Web Development

Because all sites operate out of the same framework, we can work with an entire community of ignite users to identify enhancements and add-ons. We’re also hoping clients with similar needs can work with one another to share costs. For example, some clients would like the opportunity to create a video blog. If one client commits to a video blog the cost might be $4,000. But if two clients need a video blog, we can build a versatile tool that accommodates both clients’ needs and brings the cost down substantially. Each client might end up investing $2,500 for a $4,000 upgrade. If three people commit, it might be $1,800 each. The more people who need something, the less expensive it becomes for each person. Over the next year, and to the extent that it is possible, we will make cloud application clients aware of system changes, invite suggestions for improvement and broker the enhancement cost between interested parties.

Learn more about ignite, or contact us for a free quote.

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