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IMAP Email Hosting for Small Businesses

Posted June 29, 2010 @ 2:13pm | by

A few weeks ago, we started to realize our email system was not keeping up with our small business needs, which prompted us to seek alternatives.

In the past, we used the same POP email that many of our clients use, but because POP email only allows one-way communication between the mail server and our computers and mobile devices, messages would not sync between the two. In addition, there were some minor spam issues to confront, and due to the realities of having a shared server we found ourselves listed with one of the (ahem) less reputable blacklists.

Trevor was convinced there had to be an appropriate solution to our problems which was more robust that POP, but not as overly complex and expensive as Microsoft Exchange. He discovered that IMAP email hosting perfectly matched our needs: message syncing, improved spam protection, the ability to share calendars and tasks with one another, bigger mailboxes, and ensured delivery. Being a business who serves businesses, it occurred to us that we should offer IMAP email to our clients as well.

Introducing a new service: IMAP email hosting

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