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ignitr API powers SmallFruits at BigCommerce

Posted February 25, 2013 @ 12:56pm | by

ignitr API powers SmallFruits at BigCommerce

We've been busy at Space2Burn HQ. We recently introduced a lot of new people to the ignitr platform (and we welcome them all). But we've also been enriching our partnership with BigCommerce as a solid platform for selling products online. While awesome at selling products, BigC's dynamic content tools for anything but selling products are a limited. So we decided to do something about it. Trevor invented an ignitr API that allows clients to manage things like BigCommerce specials, sliders, internal ads and other dynamic content from ignitr. The updates appear in BigC sites like our newest launch: (notice the slider and ads).

Essentially, we’ve just extended BigCommerce functionality to provide people options for developing a more personal ecommerce site. This is a first step and we have plans to grow. Because ignitr content is loaded remotely, it doesn't create content at the BigCommerce site to boost SEO. Our long term plan is to continue integrating ignitr with tools like BigCommerce or other applications to take advantage of their unique core strengths. Awesome!

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