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Drag-drop photo galleries now available

Posted September 6, 2013 @ 12:47pm | by Trevor

Drag-drop photo galleries now available

After requests from several clients to improve the speed at which images can be added to photo galleries whereever they exist, we spent the week implementing some really cool new tools. Rather than uploading images one-at-a-time, you are now able to add immages en masse in two different ways.

Drag and Drop

That's right, simply drag up to 10 images directly from a desktop or folder into the drop zone and your image will be added to the gallery. If drag-drop is too off-the-wall, there's also the oportunity to select multiple images with a traditional image selector.

We're always interested in your feedback, so feel free to shoot us a line. Hopefully the new tools will give you a chance to more easily share photos with your favorite people.

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